ESI - a Family Company Since 1990

The younger generation came of age thus began our expansion into modern diverse ventures worldwide! 

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Specialty Construction

Custom Metal Construction | Non-structural Steel
Hurricane Protection Systems including Panels, Shutters & Roll-Downs.
Awnings & Canopies for Entry Ways, Windows, Patios, Sidewalks & Porches.

Custom Construction such as Stainless Steel Wall Covers, Support Column Wraps, Ice Fishing Bob House, Bus Shelters & Smoking Room too.


Building Care & Maintenance

Building Services for commercial, retail & industrial accounts including:

Floor Cleaning | Construction Cleans | Janitorial Services | Interior/Exterior Windows | Event Cleanup | Dry Carpet Cleaning (Coming Soon) | Real Estate Properties | Move In - Move Out | Church Custodial | Education Facilities


Business Services Plus

We now offer a variety of service to help companies or organizations.

Graphic Design | Advertising Campaigns | Photography

Marketing & Branding | Research Projects | Small Event Planning

Web + Social Media | Organizational Services | Wholesale & Resale


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